Floods in Terrier-Rouge

Many areas of Terrier Rouge are under water.  It has been raining for three days and we are completely flooded.  Some places are worst than others. In a small place called VILLAGE OF FOOD FOR THE POOR,located at the entrance of the town, the authorities had to move every soul to the public high school used as  temporary shelter. Yesterday, Esperance et Vie intervened immediately by preparing 350 hot lunches to those who are in the shelter. We supplied also water and covers.  As the waters are increasing, more people from all over the flooded areas are seeking refuge at the High School. Last night the number reached 500 in the shelter. The direct victims of the flood are estimated to thousands.
Esperance et Vie is addressing some of the needs by suppling lunches to those who are in the shelter and outside of it.

This morning we provide a nice breakfast consisting in hot chocolate and bread, to the 157 children in the shelter. Lunch will be provided again to  everybody. It is a question of survival for the time being.  We hope that the climatic situation will improve and the people can go back home soon.    Esperance et Vie will continue its help beyond the shelter as most people have lost chairs, beds, cooking utensils and so on.  The flood has damage also many houses. The reconstruction will begin after the rain stops and the water goes down.

Esperance et Vie thanks the kitchen staff of Saint Barthelemy who are working hard to cook the meals.


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