Ecole Saint-Barthelemy

With over 900 kids currently enrolled, Ecole Saint-Barthlemy strives to provide the best education possible to those who so badly need it.
Our success rate at the national exams is of over 90% and more than once we’d a regional laureate.

Our kids get a hot meal every day and they learn the values of eating together and they are taught to pray before they eat. Each September, the elementary school students receive all the books they will need for the academic year, free of charge. They also get pencils, pens, and notepads that last them throughout the school year. Middle and high-schoolers purchase their own materials.
Pupils of Ecole- Saint-Barthelemy also receive free medical care at Clinique Esperance et Vie. Lab exams and medication are included.

We have a small music school and marching band comprised of 60 students. They rehearses twice a week and performs at certain occasions such as Flag day, funerals of the band’s family members, and concerts.

We recently created a Lego team where the kids are learning not only to build but to program lego-controlled robot.

While some children pay a small tuition fee, the school is run mostly on donations. Had it not been for the generous contribution of our sponsors, we would have found ourselves in the impossibility to continue this so-important ministry. $ 300 per year keeps a kid in school. However, no amount is too small. We are always thankful for any donation received.

Interested in helping a kid stay in school? Please visit our ” How you can help” page.